"When Life Gives You Lemons..."

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A big RA shout out to Kristen Graham for providing us with this latest blog entry! Check it out, give her a follow (info below)! 

"You never know how you will react to something until you have no other choice but to dive in. Flight or fight. Some people are just built to fight without question, they are built to conquer, to overcome obstacles, to never give up.

This is how Team Some Assembly Required (SAR) lives their lives. They were each given a deck of cards and it was their choice to play the cards or change games. They each decided to play with the cards they were dealt and how inspiring they are because of it.

SAR is a group of incredible adaptive athletes with no discrimination as to how they were injured. It could have been on the battlefield, at work, in an accident of some sort… What they all have in common is their overall will to adapt and overcome the obstacles of their competition. Anything is possible and Team SAR is here to prove it to the world.

Would you believe that a team of inspiring adaptive athletes would be able to compete against able bodied competitors in let’s say… a CrossFit Competition? Well if you are having a difficult time wrapping your head around this thought, you should head to Columbus, Ohio for the Arnold Sports Festival and watch this bad ass team throw down. They will be competing on Saturday and Sunday with a tremendous amount of support behind them.

This is the third straight year that Team SAR will be competing at the Arnold Sports Festival and each year is more exciting than the last. As I like to tell people, ROGUEAMERICAN is not just another logo in the fitness world. RAA has been supporting this team from the beginning and recently threw the SAR Savage Thrash Down to raise money to get these athletes to the Arnolds. This was the First Annual Savage Thrash Down and will likely be the first of many. On February 6th they gathered the team and their supporters in Austin, Texas and combined fitness and firearms training to learn fundamentals of marksmanship specific to their adaptations. Talk about a bad ass event.

Only through working as a team and standing shield to shield is this possible. Wes Whitlock, owner of RAA will tell you to stand for something and his constant support of Team SAR helps them to get the message out there that anyone, ANYONE can adapt and overcome.

This weekend Team Some Assembly Required will come out strong at the Arnolds on Friday night at the Taft Arena at the Fairgrounds. They will perform the CrossFit Games Open Workout 16.2 and compete in a team event all day Saturday, 3-4-2016. ROGUEAMERICAN will have their Booth set up both at the CrossFit Arena and at the Main Expo Center at booth 1112 all weekend. Go check out the most bad ass booth around!"

Written by: Kristen Graham



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