Fighter Design™ Featherlite Carrier + Armor

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The Fighter Design™ "FeatherLite" armor system is considered by those in the know as the optimal plate carrier and armor system that money can buy. The lightest armor system (with this level of protection) is available only from Fighter Design™. 



  • 6 pounds total, including two plates and the carrier.

  • Slick, low profile, and super comfortable.  

  • LTC Armor Plates (2.55 lbs each). NIJ (0101.06) Level III Stand Alone (10"x12" Multi-Curve)

  • Manufactured from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene

  • Neutrally Buoyant

  • Finished in Black Line-X Coating

  • Length 11.8" Width 9.6" Thickness 1" Weight 2.55lbs each




*As with all our products, Featherlight Armor Carrier w/ Armor is covered by our lifetime guarantee and offered with our 120 day risk free "test drive" trial period.