FIST Grip Rifle Attachment

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Works on any long gun that has a side picatinny rail or can be modified to have a side picatinny rail, including both rifles and shotguns. Users with KeyMod™ or MOE rail systems can mount the FIST Grip through the addition of a picatinny rail section, available at most firearms retailers. 

Ambidextrous and installable for both left and right-handed shooters.

Made from a durable, military-grade polymer. It will withstand severe heat, cold and just about anything else you can throw at it.



From the creators:

"FIST Grip is the first in a new class of side mounted, forward grips. FIST Grip is an innovative, patent-pending, biomechanically optimized shooting method that has been proven on the battle field and on the range. By offsetting the operator’s support hand, FIST Grip enables the shooter to engage targets faster and move naturally. FIST Grip was engineered and developed with the input and support of Special Operations Professionals, Special Operations Physicians, Law Enforcement Professionals, and Professional Competitive Shooters. FIST Grip is simply the next evolution in shooting." Check out the schematic HERE



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