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Perfect for ANY activity in your life or Lounging MADE IN THE USA Agoge refers to the rigorous education and training regimen mandated for all male Spartan citizens. The training involved learning stealth, cultivating loyalty to the Spartan group, military training, pain tolerance and hunting, Very fitting for those who wear Rogue American. Available only here Super soft and light Polyester/Spandex blend fabric Pocket on each side of the shorts (one large enough for a phone and the other for key/cards. Eyelet inserted as water or sweat drain holes Superior Quality 4 way stretch body Velcro fly for safety and comfort 3 inch cut slits on each leg bottom Hook and loop drawstring for secure front closure Your next favorite pair of shorts. Gungnor design is Tribute to Vikings. Front Print. Norse God, Thor's Mjolnir hammer with the Elder Futhark runic alphabet surrounding. The hammer pictured inside is of Thor's "Mjolnir" hammer, which was believed to be representative of Thor's power and sometimes, rage when struck, causing thunder and lightning to rip through the night sky, Elder Futhark Runes (not to be confused with the later "Younger Futhark" or the "Anglo-Saxon Futhork"). Commonly organized into three groups of eight, the meaning of each character as well as each group has been a subject of debate since around the 8th century A.D. The most common belief is that each group of eight is representative of both male and female Norse god counterparts of particular traits such as fertility, wisdom, strength, etc., with the individual runes within each group being emblematic of a specific purpose within the overall group. The specific purpose(s) of the Elder Futhark Runes has also been, and continues to be, debated. Everything from magic, to summoning the Norse gods, to an actual language have all been proposed and argued. Historically, multiple scholars date the Elder Futhark Runes back to approximately the 1st century, hence the term, "Viking Runes" being used when referring to the Elder Futhark. Back side has the Symbol for Odin's Spear (In Norse mythology, Gungnir - Old Norse for swaying one is the spear of the god Odin)