RECON 1967

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American Made, custom RAA, Black 100% cotton Tee.

The History:

“My Army unit was OPCON to the 3rd Marine div. 1967-69 # M.DIV was HQ in Dong Ha VN.

Our sister Unit was a Force Recon Marine Unit with the 3rd. However their quarters were mostly empty due to high casualties in an area called the “MARINE TRIANGLE.”

The Marines were surrounded and cut off at Que Son. They were running interdiction patrols (5 to 7-man patrols later called LRRP's or RECONDO) North and West to call Army and Navel gunfire and air strikes on NVA units that were moving South in an effort to overrun that firebase.

We also did Pilot Recovery Missions with the Jolly Green Giants out on Da Nang, however we never recovered a live pilot.

Bob Rader US Army (RECON) 1967-69:
Bob sent us his story and pictures of this extremely rare Original Death Card his Unit used.

Below is the card we placed on dead bodies in the North most portion of VN. Most of the area was USMC but our Army Recon was there as well.

Death Card Front

Death Card Back

Of the 167 officers and men sent (after 11 months and 26 days) there were only 3 original folks left. I had already been wounded 3 different times when finally evaced out.

As far as I know it is the last card that is original and not a knock off. We (Unit) had these done at a local printer in Quan Tri city.

I am now retired and live on a mini farm outside Montgomery and play with my rescue dogs and take long walks in the woods behind the house. I am home most every day. I built a range next to the house and coach SWAT snipers in precision rifle shooting and several regular Army snipers when the 3rd Inf. Div. comes up to shoot. However they are on deployment at this time.

— Bob Rader